If you are looking for TUTUApp iOS download then look no further, we provide the easy and simple way to download TUTUApp iOS application and provide the application with the full installation process explained in detail.

TUTUApp is one of the most popular third party app stores and its popularity is growing bigger day by day. TUTUApp was originally developed for android devices but now it is available for iOS as well!

TUTUApp iOS Features

The list of all intriguing features of the TUTUApp iOS app that make it one of the most popular choice among its competitors is provided below, take a good look.

  1. All the apps that you see inside the TUTUApp app store are available to be downloaded and installed on your device for free. The TUTUApp application itself is free to be installed and used.
  2. You can also find many games, eBooks , music and other media content on TUTUApp for free and download them on your device.
  3. TUTUApp iOS has an in built app cleaner that can take care of all the excess files that you are not currently using to free up space on your device.
  4. TUTUApp comes with a toolbar which can be used to reach all the handy features such as managing your calendar, reminders, alarms, flashlight etc.
  5. You do not necessary need a jailbroken iOS device to use TUTUApp, there are two separate versions of the app available that work on either of the two.

Download TUTUApp for iOS

To download TUTUApp iOS application for your iPhone or iPad, please follow the below given instructions.

  1. Open safari on your desired device on which you want to install TUTUApp.
  2. Scan the barcode above. Installation dialog will prompt automatically.
  3. Tap on “Install” twice when you see the download dialogue box.
  4. Once TUTUApp is installed navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > TUTUApp > and chose the option to “Trust this app”.
  5. Enjoy! ; -)



Download TUTUApp APK, get the APK of TUTUApp app store for your android device and download unlimited apps and games! TUTUApp is one of the fastest growing third app markets in the world for android devices.

There is a long list of amazing features that make TUTUApp APK one of the most favourite third party app market among its competitors but the best one is free apps! TUTUApp APK was developed to provide free apps, games for android devices users.

TUTUApp APK Features

Let us look at all the cool features of TUTUApp APK in some detail, read the list below to know more about this third party app store.

  1. TUTUApp APK is a free app available for all android devices along with all the apps you see in the TUTUApp app store, they are free as well.
  2. You can also download free games for your android device using TUTUApp app store. You can also find free music and other media content on the app store.
  3. TUTUApp can provide apps and games for a number of operating systems, you can also use the TUTUApp app on one device to download apps for your other device.
  4. TUTUApp app store comes preloaded with a toolbar which contains almost all the handy options and features. You can manage reminders, timer, clock, alarms etc using the in built toolbar.
  5. TUTUApp APK also has a cleaning feature which will take care of extra files that are not in use on your android device. It will also clear out the RAM making your device faster instantly!
  6. TUTUApp is also available for iOS.

Download TUTUApp APK for Android

  1. Download APK File
  2. Open file manager on your android device and locate downloaded TUTUApp APK file.
  3. Install TUTUApp app store on your smart phone.
  4. Turn on “Install apps from unknown sources” option in security settings if you are facing any problem installing the downloaded apk file.
  5. Open TUTUApp on your android smart phone and use Google translate to understand the in app options.
  6. Use the search bar in the app to find your desired apps and download them for free!
TUTUApp Android

TUTUApp Android

TUTUApp AndroidTUTUApp Android is one of the most popular third app stores in the world where you can find almost all the popular apps for your android device.

TUTUApp was developed initially for android devices but now it is available for almost all platforms. The best thing about TUTUApp Android, and what makes it stand apart from the official Google play store, is that all the apps that you see in the TUTUApp app store are available to be downloaded and installed for free!

TUTUApp Android Features

There are many features that make TUTUApp app store one of the best third party app stores in the world, let us find out why. The list of all major features of TUTUApp are provided below, take a look.

  1. TUTUApp has a very accurate search bar which you can use to find your desired app and download it without wasting time.
  2. TUTUApp provides all the apps without charging its users anything, every app or game on TUTUApp app store is available to be downloaded and installed for free!
  3. TUTUApp android app store is not only limited to free apps and games, you can also download free eBooks, music and lots of other media content.
  4. You do not need a rooted android device in order to use the TUTUApp app store on your smart phone, TUTUApp will work on a normal android smart phone as well.
  5. TUTUApp comes with a toolbar which can be used to regulate alarms, reminders, and access or change time etc. TUTUApp even has an in built cleaning software which can help you clean the excess files that are not being used or you RAM to make the device run smoothly.

Download TUTUApp for Android

  1. Download TUTUApp APK.
  2. Locate the downloaded TUTUApp apk file using file manager.
  3. Install TUTUApp on your smart phone.
  4. If you are having trouble installing the TUTUApp app store on your android smart phone, open phone settings in your android device, navigate to security and turn on the option to “install apps from unknown sources”.
  5. After successful completion of the download process, open TUTUApp from app drawer and download any app or games for free!
TutuApp iOS 9.2

TutuApp iOS 9.2

TutuApp iOS 9.2Apple has a wide range of devices from iPhones, iPad and Mac’s. The best part of the apple is that all the Apple devices are running a similar platform and hence the interoperability is high on these devices. Hence applications that are developed for these devices are widely used and has a great user base.

Now coming to the Application on the iOS platform, not all the apps which are developed by the Developer is into the official AppStore, it’s because the platform is highly secured and all the application are verified in terms of different conditions to get into the marketplace and be available for the user. Hence in order to avoid this restriction and make the apps from the developer to be available to all the user, we have a third party marketplace called, TutuApp for iOS 9.2 [about].

TutuApp for iOS 9.2 eliminates the need to Jailbreak the iOS device in order to install the application which is not from the official store. Hence you can get the desired application without the need to jailbreak and void the warranty for the device.

Supported iOS Versions:

Features of TutuApp for iOS 9.2

  • TutuApp for iOS 9.2 is a secured platform to download and install apps for the iOS devices.
  • TutuApp for iOS 9.2 provides a simple user interface to search for the application and download it.
  • TutuApp offers a quick and stable download.
  • The in-app memory manager makes the application responsive and faster.
  • All the content in the TutuApp are updated each day and it remains fresh.
  • Available for multi platform: iOS, Android [APK] & Desktop.

Download TutuApp for iOS 9.2

  • Follow the link to navigate to the download page.
  • Click on the link and download the configuration file for TutuApp.
  • Once you have downloaded the configuration file, you can open and install the application on the device.
  • In the installation process, it will open up the Setting tab and enable Install Now.
  • All Done, you can enjoy unlimited apps via TutuApp for iOS 9.2.
TutuApp iOS 9.1

TutuApp iOS 9.1

TutuApp iOS 9.1Apple shares a common platform to all its devices that is iOS. It’s the most stable software platform available in the world. This iOS platform has a lot of apps and all these apps are downloaded from the major known app market that is Apple App Store.

App Store features thousands of application in its platform but it has many restrictions on getting new apps into App Store. Because of this many very application which is available on the android are not available in AppStore.To overcome this restriction and install applications which we like on the iOS device as per as our wish we have a companion called, TutuApp for iOS 9.1

TutuApp for iOS 9.1 is a third party application market which has many application that is very useful for users than that in the App Store. These applications are completely free and you need not worry about any cost of these applications.

Features of TutuApp:

  • TutuApp has a great user interface and simple design to navigate to the user and get apps for it.
  • All the contents in the TutuApp are updated daily and it guarantees fresh updates.
  • TutuApp has an inbuilt memory manager, application installer, and a downloader to facilitate all the installation process of iOS app packages.
  • Also available on PC & Android.

How to install TutuApp for iOS 9.1:

Following the corresponding steps in order to get the TutuApp for iOS 9.1 installed on the iOS device.

  1. Go to the download page.
  2. Click on the link to download the TutuApp for iOS 9.1.
  3. After downloading the application into the device, kindly open the application.
  4. It will open the installation process and navigate to the Setting.
  5. Now click on the Install Now button to finish the process.

Once the installation process is complete, you can enjoy unlimited application downloads, tweaks etc.

TutuApp iOS 11

TutuApp iOS 11

TutuApp iOS 11 TutuApp has thousands of application in its app store and it can be downloaded and installed on the iOS device for free. TutuApp for iOS also has many applications that are not available in the Apple App Store. Those types of important and productive application can be downloaded from the application.

Features of TutuApp for iOS 11:

  • TutuApp for iOS 11 is highly secure and the apps are spam free.
  • The available are totally free
  • All the applications, games that are available in the TutuApp are updated daily.
  • TutuApp has a simple user interface and easy to navigate design, which makes downloading easy.
  • The application also has in-app memory manager.
  • This is a multiple platform app also supports in Android & PC.

How download TutuApp for iOS 11:

  1. Navigate to the Download Page of the website.
  2. Download the TutuApp for iOS 11 form the download link on the page.
  3. Once you download the application, open the open application.
  4. Now, the installation process will start and continue the process.
  5. Once the process is complete, you can enter the TutuApp and enjoy it.

Enjoy endless downloading apps.

TutuApp iOS 10

TutuApp iOS 10

TutuApp iOS 10All iOS devices are known for its incredibly fast apps and its design. The iOS platform has all most all types of apps varying from productivity apps, games and entertainment apps in the AppStore. TutuApp for iOS 10 is an alternate market for an iOS device which has tons of application for each category and can be used to search and download it.

Features of TutuApp for iOS 10:

  1. All the apps in TutuApp for iOS 10 is completely free to download and use.
  2. TutuApp for iOS 10 has a simple interface for you to navigate through it and download   the application from it.
  3. All the content in the TutuApp for iOS 10 is updated daily.
  4. The quality of the content is fresh and clean.
  5. TutuApp for iOS 10 is highly securely and there are no malicious apps in the system.

How to Download TutuApp for iOS 10:

  • Go To Download Page.
  • Click on the Install Now button and it will prompt up a pop-up.
  • Again click on the Install button at the top of the screen.
  • Now, the Setting menu will be opened in the device and prompt for an Install.
  • To, completed the installation process, click on the Install button.
  • Now all the necessary things for the TutuApp installation is complete and you can enjoy TutuApp for iOS 10.

You can use the TutuApp to enjoy unlimited apps and download those into the iOS device.

Happy Downloading.

TutuApp iOS 9


TutuApp iOS 9Many people have upgraded the iOS device to the latest version of iOS and but few preferred to stay in the iOS 9 version due to its stability.But Jailbreaking for the version of iOS 9 was first from PHPHelper but it was restricted only to the 64-bit device.

So the other device was left without the Jailbreak solution. To bridge this gap for tweaking and installing application on the iOS 9.2/9.3 and so, we have TutuApp

TutuApp is an App installer that helps you install premium content on the iOS device for free.  TutuApp allows us install the tweaks from Cydia and other  Apps and paid content without any fees. It’s a great app for to get premium content for free.

Features of TutuApp:

  1. TutuApp is free to download and available for multiple platform: iOS Android and PC.
  2. All the content available inside the TutuApp are entirely free and you need not spend dollars to buy apps from it.
  3. TutuApp has a simple and easy interface to navigate, search and download applications.
  4. The app has greater download speed.
  5. The in-app memory cleaner and app manager allow, you easily handle and clear application in the devices.
  6. TutuApp has fresh updates on everyday basis.

How to Download TutuApp on iOS 9?

Here’s how to install:

  1. Go to Download Page.
  2. Click on the Download Link and open the tutuapp.mobileconfig file.
  3. It will ask for your password > enter > click next.
  4. Once installation is completed navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > Xiamen Cloud Top Information > Trust this App.
  5. Enjoy using TutuApp!


TUTUApp PCTUTUApp PC is one of the most popular third party app stores in the world and its popularity is on the rise, registering thousands of downloads day by day. TUTUApp PC has loads of features that make it so popular third party app store among others. TUTUApp provides apps for almost all devices and that too for free!

TUTUApp was originally developed for android devices (Download for Android) and make it easier for the users to download applications and now the TUTUApp app store is available for iOS devices (Download for iOS) as well as windows PCs.

TUTUApp PC Features

List of all the great features of the TUTUApp PC app store is given below, check it out to know more about the reason behind the popularity of this app.

  1. TUTUApp PC app store is available for almost all the operating systems and TUTUApp provides apps for android, iOS and Windows devices. You can also download apps for different operating systems using TUTUApp on any one of these devices.
  2. All the apps that you see in the TUTUApp app store, as well as TUTUApp, are free for all devices!
  3. TUTUApp PC also provides free games, free music and other media content for all devices.
  4. You do not necessarily need a rooted android phone or a jailbroken iOS device to use the TUTUApp app store on your device, two separate versions are provided for all operating systems so that you can use this app store on almost all devices.

Installation Method 1:

The step guide below will explain you fully how you can download and install TutuApp for PC.

  1. Download .exe file.
  2. The downloaded app will appear on the notification bar. Click on it and run the software.
  3. You will now be presented with instructions on your screen for installing the software on your PC. Follow that online guide to successfully install the software in PC.
  4. Agree to all the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and then hit on ‘Done’ to complete the final step of installation.
  5. When the installation is successfully completed, the TutuApp will appear on your desktop. Click on that icon to open the TutuApp. After opening it, you can navigate in the app to browse for your favorite apps.

Installation Method 2:

To Download TUTUApp PC app, follow the below given instructions step by step.

  1. Download TUTUApp.apk 
  2. Download BlueStacks android emulator.
  3. Locate the downloaded TUTUApp.apk installer from BlueStacks and install it on your computer.
  4. Open the TUTUApp app store on your computer and use the Google translate app to understand what the in app buttons mean.
  5. Search your desired apps and games in the TUTUApp app store for PC and download unlimited free apps! You can also use your PC to download apps and games for other devices.
TUTUApp About

What is TUTUApp?

TUTUApp AboutTUTUApp is a third party app store where you can get asp for your device. You can get much more than just asp on TUTUApp app store such as games, eBooks, music etc. The best thing about the TUTUApp app store is that everything that you see in this app store is available to be downloaded for free!

You can get all the apps, games, eBooks etc for free, you do not have to buy any license to use or download them for your device. TUTUApp is also a very popular choice among other third party app stores because of the availability of apps for a wide range of operating systems. You can find apps for almost all devices that you use from one single app store.

TUTUApp Features

Let us dive into the best features of the TUTUApp app store that make it such a popular third Party app store, the list of features of TUTUApp is given below.

  1. TUTUApp is a completely free app. All the apps, games, eBooks, music etc in the app are free of cost. You can download any app without purchasing a license. You can get all the paid apps for free in the TUTUApp app store.
  2. You do not require a rooted android device or a jailbroken iOS device to use TUTUApp app store on your device.
  3. TUTUApp has an in built trash cleaner which helps you take care of unwanted files on your device easily and clear your RAM as well and making your device faster. The TUTUApp also comes with an additional toolbar which can be used to manage your clock, reminders, alarm and other handy features in your smart phone.
  4. You can download all the apps at high speeds using the TUTUApp application and can even download apps for different platforms from the same app.
  5. TUTUApp is available for almost all the operating systems out there and you can get apps for all your devices for free without having to spend any real money.
  6. The language of the TUTUApp app is Chinese so you will need to use the Google Translate app in order to understand the instructions in the TUTUApp and while downloading apps and games for your device.

You can use our links and download TUTUApp Android / iOS / PC  file and install it to download free apps for your devices.