If you are looking for TUTUApp iOS download then look no further, we provide the easy and simple way to download TUTUApp iOS application and provide the application with the full installation process explained in detail.

TUTUApp is one of the most popular third party app stores and its popularity is growing bigger day by day. TUTUApp was originally developed for android devices but now it is available for iOS as well!

TUTUApp iOS Features

The list of all intriguing features of the TUTUApp iOS app that make it one of the most popular choice among its competitors is provided below, take a good look.

  1. All the apps that you see inside the TUTUApp app store are available to be downloaded and installed on your device for free. The TUTUApp application itself is free to be installed and used.
  2. You can also find many games, eBooks , music and other media content on TUTUApp for free and download them on your device.
  3. TUTUApp iOS has an in built app cleaner that can take care of all the excess files that you are not currently using to free up space on your device.
  4. TUTUApp comes with a toolbar which can be used to reach all the handy features such as managing your calendar, reminders, alarms, flashlight etc.
  5. You do not necessary need a jailbroken iOS device to use TUTUApp, there are two separate versions of the app available that work on either of the two.

Download TUTUApp for iOS

To download TUTUApp iOS application for your iPhone or iPad, please follow the below given instructions.

  1. Open safari on your desired device on which you want to install TUTUApp.
  2. Scan the barcode above. Installation dialog will prompt automatically.
  3. Tap on “Install” twice when you see the download dialogue box.
  4. Once TUTUApp is installed navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > TUTUApp > and chose the option to “Trust this app”.
  5. Enjoy! ; -)

79 thoughts on “TUTUApp iOS

  1. Hi Tutu, i can no longer download tutuapp regular (free) on IOS 8 anymore, nothing happens after i tap install, no installation starting, nothing…. before that, the pokemon go hack no longer installs anymore too.

    Is IOS 8 still supported?

    Please help.

    • It works fine with iOS 8. Do one thing as you click on Install and Settings pops just double tap home button twice and navigate back to Tutuapp site the profile installation dialog box will pop up.

      • The dialog box for installing TutuApp Regular Version(Free) pops up but after tapping on “Install”, nothing happens. I tried more than 10 times over these few days and check all my app screens, no TutuApp icon appear. I have also went into Settings to clear Safari History and Website Data. No difference. (I am using IOS 8.1.2 specifically)

        When I try with Chrome app, the dialog box pops up but at the same time, the pages goes to Download failed.. The page gave me a “Retry download” option at the bottom right but nothing happens after tapping it.

  2. I scanned the bar code and the copied the url then it automatically opened safari and said it cant be downloaded.

    Please help.

  3. I downloaded the app and the ness app and allowed for my device to trust everything and it still won’t let me use Spotify without shuffle play like normal. How do I fix it to where I can play whatever song I want at any time?

  4. I’ve tried downloading TUTUApp regular and it says that it’s downloading but then it Brings me to my profiles in settings but it doesn’t download the profile

    • Wait for a while when it brings you to Profiles & Device Management, a dialog box will prompt soon after. Click Install and it will be done.

  5. After scan barcode and go to safari, browser loading only. Can not download. Just loading for few hours without download.
    I use ios 10.3.2

  6. Hey there Tutuapp devs! As of today, Dec 5 2017, I have been experiencing problems. An error occurring telling me to check my network and verify the apps, I go to settings and verify the apps but they don’t verify. I have looked into this on YouTube and according to my research the certificates have been revoked again. I just wanted to let you guys know so you guys can get a new certificate.

    Thanks for reading!

    • The certificate has been revoked. It will be resigned in few hours. We appreciate your patience. Use NessTool to prevent certificate revokes in future.

  7. The app won’t install. I can download the simple version for the helper updates. I originally paid for the VIP version, then it stopped working. I deleted all the apps including tutuvip to try and reinstall. When I click install it asks for me to type my passcode, I do. It then takes me back to webpage asking for payment(which I’ve already done. I try install again, back to payment screen. Rinse and repeat. Please help! I am on IPhone X iOS 11.2

  8. I’m having problems downloading tutuapp on the latest ios (just updated). It just keeps saying ‘unable to install please try again later’. I have been trying to download it for the last couple.of hours!!! The profile management page doesn’t pop up so I can’t trust it, then it says cannot be installed!

  9. got tutuapp installed but i am unable to install ANY game on tutuapp.
    nothing installs and i did VERIFY everything within my device manager in ios.

    Please fix!!! TY

  10. i tried installing it and it keeps saying can’t download and i have ios 10.2.1 it’ll load like it downloading the app but it just says “TutuApp regular version (free)” could not be installed at this time. Please help!!

  11. when i scan the barcode and go to the website it’s just a blank page with “HTTP/1.0 404 Page not available” on the top of it??

  12. I’m using Tutuapp from 3 months but one problem that’s the app after somedays are weeks got untrusted and Going to not opening !!
    Tell me the right way or right suggestion for stable app for long time or forever please

  13. I had tutuapp awhile ago but then I removed it. I now want it back and it won’t show me its configuration profile. Is there something else I can try to try and get it back?

  14. I’m trying to get TUTUApp and it says I have to scan a barcode and all I have is my iPad which I am using right now. How can I get it on my ipad

  15. I try to download phoenix jailbreak without a computer but it keeps telling me that i cannot connect to tutuapp! Any help?

  16. When I open it on Safari. I have this message “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found”

    Please advise.

  17. I downloaded the app and it was great. I used it to get spotify after 48 hours it stopped working and needed redownloaded as they said it would. I went to redownload the app and the tutuapp wouldn’t open so I tried redownloading it and now it opens but I can’t verify new apps so none of them work. Not sure if it is the app or my phone. I have IOS 11

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