TUTUApp PCTUTUApp PC is one of the most popular third party app stores in the world and its popularity is on the rise, registering thousands of downloads day by day. TUTUApp PC has loads of features that make it so popular third party app store among others. TUTUApp provides apps for almost all devices and that too for free!

TUTUApp was originally developed for android devices (Download for Android) and make it easier for the users to download applications and now the TUTUApp app store is available for iOS devices (Download for iOS) as well as windows PCs.

TUTUApp PC Features

List of all the great features of the TUTUApp PC app store is given below, check it out to know more about the reason behind the popularity of this app.

  1. TUTUApp PC app store is available for almost all the operating systems and TUTUApp provides apps for android, iOS and Windows devices. You can also download apps for different operating systems using TUTUApp on any one of these devices.
  2. All the apps that you see in the TUTUApp app store, as well as TUTUApp, are free for all devices!
  3. TUTUApp PC also provides free games, free music and other media content for all devices.
  4. You do not necessarily need a rooted android phone or a jailbroken iOS device to use the TUTUApp app store on your device, two separate versions are provided for all operating systems so that you can use this app store on almost all devices.

Installation Method 1:

The step guide below will explain you fully how you can download and install TutuApp for PC.

  1. Download .exe file.
  2. The downloaded app will appear on the notification bar. Click on it and run the software.
  3. You will now be presented with instructions on your screen for installing the software on your PC. Follow that online guide to successfully install the software in PC.
  4. Agree to all the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and then hit on ‘Done’ to complete the final step of installation.
  5. When the installation is successfully completed, the TutuApp will appear on your desktop. Click on that icon to open the TutuApp. After opening it, you can navigate in the app to browse for your favorite apps.

Installation Method 2:

To Download TUTUApp PC app, follow the below given instructions step by step.

  1. Download TUTUApp.apk 
  2. Download BlueStacks android emulator.
  3. Locate the downloaded TUTUApp.apk installer from BlueStacks and install it on your computer.
  4. Open the TUTUApp app store on your computer and use the Google translate app to understand what the in app buttons mean.
  5. Search your desired apps and games in the TUTUApp app store for PC and download unlimited free apps! You can also use your PC to download apps and games for other devices.

9 thoughts on “TUTUApp PC

    • Tutuapp being a software from a third-party source the antivirus by default giving a warning. However there’s nothing to worry it is completely a safe app

  1. Why is it that whenever i download an app within Tutu it downloads the IOS version whether it be a game app a movie app etc is there a way to get the actual PC version of that app?

  2. the thing I don’t like about tutuapp is that when your on device you have to verify it and after a while you cant verify it

  3. No matter how many times I press the link to download, it just brings me back to this tab. Its starting to get annoying on how I cant download the App.
    Tbh I’m starting to feel like the app isn’t even here any more :/

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